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  Dated: 21/06/2019
1. 12/01/2022Advertisement for Project Fellows (3) and technical staff (1)
2. 10/01/2022UGC Networking Resource Centre Training Program at UIPS, Panjab University -February 14 to 19, 2022 - Application Form
3. 10/01/2022UGC Networking Resource Centre Training Program at UIPS, Panjab University - February 14 to 19, 2022 Announcement
4. 10/01/2022Advertisement for the post of Project Assistant
5. 31/12/2021Parents Feedback analysed and Action Taken Report
6. 31/12/2021Teachers feedback analysed and Action Taken Report
7. 31/12/2021Students- Feedback analysed and Action Taken Report
8. 30/12/2021Alumni Feedback analysed and Action Taken Report
9. 29/12/2021Student Centric Method
10. 28/12/2021Programme for advanced learners and slow learners
11. 27/12/2021ICT Tools
12. 27/12/2021method of measuring the level of attainment of Programme outcomes, Programme specific outcomes and course outcomes
13. 27/12/2021Using ICT Tools
14. 27/12/2021Programme Outcome
15. 09/12/2021Applications for the post of Project Assistant
16. 21/10/2021Advertisement for the post of Guest Faculty at UIPS PU
17. 13/08/2021Ph.D. Handbook 2021-22
18. 03/08/2021Apply for Ph.D. Entrance Test for registration in Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
19. 31/07/2021UIPS Admissions 2021-22 Pamphlet
20. 31/07/2021UIPS One Page Note about Pharmacy Courses
21. 23/07/2021Handbook of Information 2021 carrying details of courses number of seats etc
22. 23/07/2021M. Pharm. Admission Notice 2021-22
23. 21/06/2021Vaccines For All, Free For All
24. 19/05/2021Cell culture facility usage at UIPS PU - Charges List and Form
25. 10/04/2021UIPS AICTE Mandatory Disclosure
26. 12/06/2020UIPS, Panjab University: YET AGAIN “Ranked 2” among Pharmacy Institutions!
27. 02/03/2020UIPS Lab Instrument Charges List
28. 23/12/2019Seminar/Conference guidelines
29. 03/12/2019UGC NRC at UIPS Brief Module Intro
30. 13/11/2019Format of the Ph.D. Progress Report
31. 17/04/2018Jaswant Singh Gill Pharma Scholarships for B.Pharm. students
32. 03/01/2015APPLICATION FORM FOR MODULE A-1 under the UGC Networking Resource Centre

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